Seattle, WA: COVID-19 has left lasting disruptive effects on students’ educational gains, and Best in Class Education powered by Adaptively is ready to respond with the launch of COVID Catch-Up Accelerator Programs in Seattle, WA. Best in Class Education will use the summer months to offer Seattle students accelerated Math and English programs with the goal of getting students back on track for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Hao Lam, Best in Class’s owner and founder, says he is ready to close the education gaps with the launch of online accelerator programs. “We are committed to being responsive to the needs of the students we serve in Seattle during these unprecedented times in our children’s education.”

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Best in Class’s COVID Catch-up Accelerator Programs

A leader for 26 years in supplemental education, Best in Class is equipped with its Common Core aligned proprietary curriculum offered through the ease of a Canvas-backed learning management system (LMS).  The accelerator programs that are designed with three levels of support to match individual student’s learning needs, whether they are a little behind, or need more accelerated learning this summer.  Students will access online assessments which will deliver instant results for identifying learning gaps in math and English/ELA and place them in small, live, interactive, and learning-intensive groups. In addition to the customizable curriculum, cutting-edge technology will reward and motivate students towards goals by integrating game-based learning. 

“We recognize this summer is a valuable time for helping students. We have a proven, standards-aligned curriculum that will allow us to not only remediate learning for students but to also accelerate their progress,” said Best in Class’s Vice President of Operations, Laura Leddusire. Always ready for the unexpected, Best in Class Education is prepared to make summer learning highly effective, engaging, and fun. 

For more information about the Best in Class powered by Adaptively COVID Catch-up Accelerator programs, please visit our info page

About Best in Class Education: Best in Class Education Centers specialize in tutoring Mathematics and English for both enrichment and remedial purposes. Since 1995, Best In Class Education Centers have served Washington state students through tailor-made teaching materials and professional guidance to strengthen students’ analytical and reasoning skills for academic success. For more information about Best in Class Education, visit our website at 

About Adaptively: Adaptively is an online math, reading, and writing enrichment learning program, focusing on students in 1st through 8th grade. Its unique combination of innovative technology, human touch, and gamification means more effective learning. Adaptively can help identify where a student is in their journey and define a path that is set to their individualized needs, make it challenging and exciting, while exploring their true potential. Most of all, it allows students to learn while having fun. For more information about Adaptively, visit our website at