The lazy days of summer are in full swing. Last summer, the world was collectively lying low in the middle of the pandemic. Many destinations were closed, travel was limited, summer camps ceased, and kids stayed close to home. This year, families and kids are squeezing more fun out of these summer days before school begins across the country in August and September. While you enjoy the rest of the summer with your child, it’s a good time to begin thinking about how to set up the 2021-2022 school year for success. 

Create a Designated Home-Learning Space

When the first days of homework assignments hit, you don’t want to be moving mail off the table or arguing over where homework space should be. Summer is a great time to find a designated home-learning space for children to study. Before you revisit the idea of using the kitchen table, consider that these areas of the home are often filled with distractions from siblings, phone conversations, television, and dinner preparations. These distractions require children to split their attention between the stimuli around them and the work at hand. According to University of Illinois researchers, when students are made to multitask, their learning is shallower and spottier, and they recall and apply less. 

Finding an area free from big distractions and establishing it as a comfortable space with good lighting and organized access to school supplies will give your child the right environment to support attention and retention. Get your children involved in making the space personal by having them: 

  • create “can do” pictures and posters to hang. Help your child think of encouraging phrases for motivation to read on days they are less than motivated or feeling frustrated. 
  • choose an indoor desk plant. Greenery has a way of cheering up a space and connecting us to nature.
  • organize a small library of varied reading materials for those days where students need to log independent reading time. 

Set Time Budgets

The fall season is always abuzz with school as well as after-school activities such as sports and clubs. Many families find their time and energy stretched too thin, as they juggle every family member’s community commitments. By starting with a family discussion to talk about which activities are most important to each person, including children, and which need to take a backseat for the season, you can enter the school year with a good time budget. It’s critically important for children’s academic and physical growth that they have enough time for homework, adequate sleep, and play. 

Enroll in Enrichment and Tutoring Programs Before You Think You Need Them

You know your child well. Has he always struggled with math? Is she forever complaining of boredom, zipping through homework and reading assignments with no challenge? 

Before the next school year gets moving, anticipate your child’s needs. Beginning quality tutoring or enrichment programs now will lead to engaged and happy learners. You don’t have to wait until the notes start coming home from the teacher to take proactive steps towards meeting your child’s learning needs.  

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