Responding to the COVID slide – Adaptively helps keep kids from falling behind during a year of uncertainty.

It’s 2021, and we’ve all been charting a new path forward for several months now. Parents are still working from home, often sharing office space with their children. Now that school is back in session after winter break, we have the tough task of staying positive while supporting our kids during this unprecedented time in education, some experiencing what is called “the COVID slide.”

Millions of students are attending school virtually this year, and the onslaught of reports show alarming numbers of kids falling behind, failing classes, or even not showing up at all. For many, school closures are exceeding seven months now. Without the continuity of instruction, studies like this one by the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) have shown that students are losing up to 70 percent of their reading progress and over half of their math growth from last year. Although teachers are working hard and putting in herculean efforts to provide high-quality education for students, what if it’s not enough?

The proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel” keeps shifting with extensions to a return to in-person learning, and even when that happens, the academic damage that has already been done won’t just disappear. Experts have stated that the average student could lose five to nine months of learning by June.

Still, in a long list of statistics, there is hope. Many families are turning to tutoring programs to help push back what is being termed “the COVID slide.” At Adaptively, our professional instructors can assist your child with math, reading, and writing skills. Our goal is to focus on your child’s individual needs and create a fun, customized learning plan that is just right for their current abilities.

When learning is fun, math and reading become a bit easier, and any battles once fought by parents subside, and students find a newfound excitement of doing schoolwork in a way that makes more sense.

Whether you are trying to enrich your child’s learning plan to get ahead or are trying to help them catch up in a particular subject, Adaptively can build on the skills your child already has while offering the motivation and confidence needed to succeed.