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 We provide educators with an all-inclusive learning management system
centered around personalized learning to accelerate growth.
We are your partners for student success –
building connection in a disconnected world.

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Our Unique Approach to Enrichment Learning

Adaptively seamlessly delivers personalized and standards-aligned curriculum, customizable scheduling, and flexible class options to equip your teachers and accelerate student learning. 

Not One-Size Fits All

We appreciate that each student learns differently, and each organization knows the needs of their students. We provide our educators with a variety of tools starting with math, English, and STEM to help their students achieve their goals.

Seamlessly Connected

With a comprehensive platform, we make accessing content and classes simple and easy for educators, students, and parents. We house the content, the reports, and even the classes themselves on our platform to unite users on a singular system.

Enjoyable Experience

We provide a supportive canvas so that our educators can accelerate success and meet the needs of their students.


The Adaptively Advantage

Our all-inclusive supplemental education platform is designed to address gaps and accelerate student learning. We seamlessly integrate data, analytics, standards-aligned curriculum, and scheduling so educators have the right tools to support their students.

With our dedicated and passionate team with over 60 cumulative years in supplemental education, we understand the challenges facing students and how an individualized learning approach can accelerate learning.


Experienced Team

Adaptively is led by a team with over 60 cumulative years in supplemental education, who understands how to best address students’ unique learning needs. As your partner in education, we are committed to understanding the unique needs of your students and delivering a system that delivers results.

Proprietary Curriculum

Our proprietary and standards-aligned curriculum has been tested and proven by tens of thousands of K-12 students over the past 25 years. With our seamlessly integrated platform, students have the option to access their material in-person or digitally from the safety of their home.

Integrated Learning System

Our platform was built with students in mind. With engaging content enhanced with learning games, badges and rewards, and progress reports, your students will discover a love of learning with Adaptively. Our data and reports provide your educators with key metrics and feedback to measure student progress.

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Regardless of your students’ needs, Adaptively is here to be your partner in education. Schedule a demo with our team today to learn more!

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