With Adaptively, you have a partner towards student success.

We are here to provide standards-aligned curriculum that can be personalized to each student to meet their individual needs, delivered on a seamless, easy-to-use platform to accelerate learning.



Teachers are able to tailor each student’s curriculum so they are focusing on concepts fit for their own level. As students progress, teachers can adjust student material accordingly based on their individual needs.

Standards- Aligned Curriculum
Our proprietary math and English common core-aligned curriculum covers an extensive library of concepts from kindergarten through high school.

Progress Reports and Data
Teachers and parents are able to see student progress in real-time and get access to important data and metrics to measure student success.

Practice for Progress

In addition to in-class material, students are able to practice and test their knowledge with homework assignments and weekly tests.

Adaptive Learning

As students move through the curriculum, they are challenged with more advanced applications so their learning plan can evolve with their abilities.

Enjoyable Experience

Our easy-to-use platform gives all users a seamless experience to accelerate and enjoy the learning experience.

Our Programs

Our enrichment programs focus on content for English and math. Our English curriculum helps students become a better communicator and acquire a deeper understanding of the English Language Arts. Our math curriculum hones your students’ mathematical and logistical abilities.

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Education for Evolving Needs

Developed with Experience

Our curriculum, based on our Best in Class Education Center programs, has been built out and used by K-12 students across the country for over 25 years. Reconfigured to meet the needs of schools and other organizational partners, Adaptively’s new learning management system supports student growth in virtual or in-person settings.

Personalized Learning

Adaptively recognizes and supports students with differing learning goals. Our curriculum and platform allows educators to individually assign and place students based on what their needs are– whether they are advanced or need to fill in some gaps to hone their abilities further. Adaptively’s comprehensive assessments and ongoing progress reports give educators the data they need to accelerate student growth.

Intuitive Platform

Adaptively’s platform enables student-focused interaction and flexibility so that students can get the same great instruction from either a virtual or in-person learning environment. Material can be engaged with digitally, on Adaptively, or printed for a pencil & paper experience.


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Whether your students need to close key learning gaps or take skills to the next level, Adaptively is a partner with you to help your students to build their minds to unlock their futures. Schedule a call with our team to learn more!

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