From basic building blocks to complex concepts, Adaptively sparks learning.

Whether students need extra support with critical reading, grammar, writing essays, or expanding their vocabulary, our English Language Arts program includes a comprehensive array of concept and skill building exercises.

Adaptively Education believes that any student can accelerate their learning – when the learning is adapted to their individual needs. We’ve all struggled to master a concept and then, when someone shows us a different approach, the lightbulb goes off! Suddenly we understand.

Adaptively is all about finding that “lightbulb” moment for every student. With our language arts classes, we help students improve reading and writing skills, vocabulary, and grammar with the benefit of individualized learning in a group setting, adaptable pacing, and weekly assessments that allow them to speed up or slow down. And, our common core-aligned curriculum fits with any school, anywhere in the country.

Areas of Focus

Reading Comprehension

Essay & Creative Writing


Grammar & Spelling

Sentence & Paragraph Structure

Standardized Test Preparation

Help your students master math! Our Math Program goes beyond foundational skills into real-world applications.


Our English Classes

Your students will attend weekly English classes, which your instructors will facilitate. Through our platform, your students will complete assigned exercises and homework. Our programs explore subjects for students in kindergarten to 12th grade.



The Adaptively Advantage

Our English enrichment program delivers a comprehensive model that is tailored to each student with the guidance of a live instructor in an online, in-person, or hybrid setting.

Our material builds both foundational conceptual knowledge and critical thinking and analytical skills. With our individualized approach, Adaptively is able to meet students where they are and is a great tool to supplement learning.

As students work through the curriculum, teachers and parents are able to gain insight using real-time data and metrics to gauge student progress and quickly identify specific areas of strength and improvement. Classroom reports also allow teachers to submit feedback on how students are performing overall in class.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether your students need to close key learning gaps or take skills to the next level, Adaptively is a partner with you to help your students to build their minds to unlock their futures. Schedule a call with our team to learn more!

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