Master Math with the Adaptively After-School Math Enrichment Program

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Bringing the Fun Factor Back

Today’s classroom environment makes it difficult for students to keep up with math. At Adaptively, we go beyond the clinical rigors of a conventional classroom: we make math equally fun and challenging.

With enthusiastic and passionate math teachers, our online math enrichment programs take foundational elements to a new level. Whether your child needs to catch up on their mathematical skills or wants to get ahead and learn advanced concepts, Adaptively will create a personalized roadmap to success for them.

Our Platform

Adaptively takes a human-plus-technology approach to create the best learning experience for your child.

The technology platform is intuitive, easy for elementary and middle school students to follow, and makes the online math enrichment program more interesting for young learners. Navigation is a breeze, and engaging content is available. It also features progress reporting so you can monitor your child’s progress.

Areas of Focus

Foundational Skills
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving Skills
Word Problems
Real World Applications

Probability & Statistics
Pre-Algebra, Algebra I

Our Math Classes

Adaptively’s online math enrichment program follows a curriculum proven and tested for over 25 years. It was developed to keep children engaged and genuinely curious about the world of mathematics.

Our students join weekly 55-minute math classes facilitated by college-educated teachers. Students also get homework and exercises via our online learning platform. We keep our class sizes small (only 6 to 10 students each) to make sure each child gets adequate attention from our teachers.

Your child will be grouped with students in similar mathematical skill levels, so they’ll feel welcomed and empowered. Our math classes explore subjects for 1st to 8th-grade students.


Go Beyond Math. Refine Your Child’s Language Abilities, Too.

Explore English Enrichment
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Math Education for Evolving Needs

Developed with Experience

The Adaptively math curriculum is built on the Best In Class Education Center’s proprietary curriculum, which has been proven effective for over two decades. The Adaptively team has reconfigured these time-tested syllabi to fit an online environment so that primary and middle school students can enrich their math education in the safety of their homes.

Led with Passion

The Adaptively team deeply values education and is committed to helping children transform their world.

Adaptively is led by Hao Lam, a nationwide leader in enrichment programs who offers a wealth of personal and professional experience. But beyond his credentials, Hao Lam is caring, supportive, and passionate about education. And these are the qualities we also look for in our teachers.

Created for Kids

The online learning environment presents a lot of struggles for teachers, students, and parents. That’s why Adaptively facilitates student-focused interactions during our math classes to keep children interested and engaged.

Math is best learned if it’s challenging but enjoyable for kids. That’s what we focus on at Adaptively.

Learn the Adaptively Story

Ready to Get Started?

Whether your child is looking to close key learning gaps or take their skills to the next level, Adaptively will partner with you to help your child build their mind and unlock their future. Schedule a call with our Welcome Guide to learn more!

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Math Class FAQs

Our tuition is $130 a month. This covers four classes with our teachers and weekly homework.

No, you don’t have to. The tuition covers everything needed for Adaptively programs, such as the classes and homework materials.

There’s no ongoing contract for your child’s math classes. Parents can pause the child’s classes for the next month. However, we ask parents to pause enrollment at least a week before the next month.

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