As the leader of a homeschool co-op, you’re in charge of many moving parts. You recruit like-minded families, organize meetings and activities, and hunt down high-quality educational resources. Fortunately, more resources exist for homeschoolers than ever before—especially when it comes to online learning!

Why Homeschool Co-ops Should Use Virtual Enrichment Education Programs

Enrolling in a virtual enrichment program offers many benefits to co-ops. You can find opportunities to provide high-quality lessons in nearly every subject. Better still, online courses can fit into everyone’s schedule, offering additional ways to keep your child on track. 

Subject Matter Experts

Homeschool parents know a secret: You don’t need to know everything to homeschool! With homeschool co-ops and associations becoming more popular, you’re likely to have other parents or local tutors available to fill your gaps in knowledge. Most co-ops don’t have to look beyond their group to give their kids a well-rounded education. 

But if your group needs an expert in biology or geometry, well-educated instructors are one search away. You can find experts in any of the usual subjects—and even some unusual ones! With all the available resources, you’ll never need to worry that your child will fall behind or feel unchallenged. 

Online Courses That Fit Seamlessly into Your Co-op Schedule

Scheduling classes and activities for your homeschool co-op can get complicated. The Smiths have to plan around Little League practice, the Patels have music lessons, and the Garcias attend coding camp. If each family practices reading at home, and the group meets up every other Wednesday for science, when should you schedule math lessons? The question itself sounds like a math problem! 

Thankfully, a wealth of online resources can solve this problem. Courses are flexible and can fit into any calendar. They can be live or pre-recorded, whichever fits best into the group’s schedule. Need more flexibility? There’s no need to get the co-op together for class. Instead, students can work at their own pace while keeping the camaraderie of studying the same material. 

Support for Students Who Are Ahead or Behind

Many families start homeschooling because they want school to flow at their child’s pace, whether that may be faster or slower than other students. They continue homeschooling once they experience the other benefits. Sometimes they join a fantastic co-op, only to find that their child isn’t keeping pace with the group. They’re either struggling to catch up or excelling beyond the other students. 

Either way, virtual enrichment options can bring customized support back to your homeschool experience. Online enrichment provides extra help when your child needs it—or more advanced coursework if they need more of a challenge. This way, your family can have the best of both worlds: individualized education AND a social learning experience. 

Where to Find Virtual Enrichment Education for Homeschoolers

There are more opportunities than ever before to take virtual classes or get virtual educational enrichment. A quick Google search turns up thousands of results. Understandably, it can be hard to narrow them Save down!

The best programs have this winning combination:

  • Educated teachers
  • Personalized curriculum
  • Leading-edge technology 

With Adaptively, you get all three! Our proven curriculum has shown success with students who need a boost or boredom-free education. Click here to learn how Adaptively is a great fit for your family’s or homeschool co-op’s supplemental education needs.