Human + Technology

It’s not what you learn, it’s HOW you learn. Technology alone can’t provide the best learning environment for your child. That’s why Adaptively focuses on a positive blend of teachers who genuinely care about your student’s progress and proven custom curriculum with leading-edge technology giving you and your student the best of both worlds.

Our Programs

Adaptively focuses on English and Math. Our English enrichment program helps lay the foundation for a mastery of the English Language Arts and trains your child to be a better communicator. Students learn to express their ideas clearly and articulately.

Our Math enrichment program improves your child’s logical and mathematical skills, which they can apply to real-world problems.

Proprietary Curriculum
Built on the Best in Class Education Center’s proprietary curriculum that has been tested and proven over the past 25 years, Adaptively takes learning one step further with online applications from the safety of your home.

Passionate Teachers
College-educated teachers are dedicated to specific weekly classes, so you and your child have a reliable partner in education.

Leading Edge Technology
Our technology platform is built with your student in mind. Intuitive navigation, engaging content, and progress reporting help both you and your child have an online learning environment you both love.


Education that Adapts to Evolving Needs

Personalized Learning Paths

Our students begin by answering our Getting to Know You Questionnaire, which helps us understand the current skill level of your child and find out their individual learning needs.

Small Class Sizes

To make sure that each child gets the attention and guidance they need, we keep our class sizes small. Each class has only 6 to 10 students.

Fun and Engaging Classes

Each week, your child will attend a 55-minute session with our instructors. Your child will also be grouped with children of the same skill level.

Creating Adventures

Our classes are structured in such a way that they will keep lessons fun. Our teachers employ gamification strategies that make learning an adventure.