The Positive Effects of Game-based Learning on Educational Outcomes: Education Tools in the Digital Age

Children living in a modern world have a high level of digital fluency. They have grown up with tablets, touchscreens, and voice-activated applications as part of their day-to-day lives. Moreover, a higher percentage of children than ever before, engage virtual learning platforms for schooling. Even young students maneuver digital games with ease. Technology is comfortably embedded into virtually every component of the modern child’s life. It makes sense, then, that digital game-based learning has risen in its research and application as a tool to increase students’ motivation, engage learners, and foster educational progress.

What is game-based learning and gamification?

Game-based learning applies to a type of game play designed around learning outcomes. According to a group of game-based learning researchers, gamification involves the use of game elements such as incentive systems to motivate players to engage in tasks they would otherwise not find very appealing.

How can learning games help my struggling or unmotivated learner?

Students hit roadblocks to their academic progression often due to either a cognitive struggle to understand concepts or a lack of motivation towards a particular subject or topic. Learning games can help students overcome these hurdles. For example, if a student is resisting math homework on long division, because either it demands a lot of attention and the skill is not fluent, or if the student complains the subject matter is boring, gamification of that math skill may involve the student receiving points and stars for completion of competencies of the task on a digital platform. The game-based learning platform Adaptively uses is based on core standards and presents a fun conflict with rules of play and point incentives to make concepts more appealing for students to work through to mastery.

Why does the design of game play matter?

There are hundreds of games available for download on app stores, but not all games are created equal. High-quality game platforms are created with research to back their designs and methods of implementation. These platforms take into account how children naturally learn through play and respond cognitively and emotionally for reinforcement.

How is Adaptively using technology of digital games?

At Adaptively, we believe that by using the best blend of high-quality curriculum; caring teachers in live virtual sessions; and leading-edge technology such as digital games, that we can achieve the best results for our students. We know the research supports that students who play games as part of their curriculum have higher engagement and performance outcomes on both factual knowledge and depth of comprehension. Dedicated to a creative and research-based learning model that helps children develop their love for learning, Adaptively is using digital game tools within its curriculum to offer students quality enrichment education that also maximizes fun.

With passionate teachers, a proven curriculum, and the best in education technology, Adaptively is here to close gaps, increase confidence, and make learning stimulating and fun! It’s easy to get started! Contact us, and we’ll partner to help your child reach his goals.